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Another really nice review of Controlled Burn

Paradise Kings: ‘Controlled Burn’ By Will Phoenix Santa Barbara area band The Paradise Kings is prepping to officially drop their new platter titled Controlled Burn. Having played together for years, the quartet currently includes Henry Garrett on lead vocals, Jeff Gring on guitar, Michael Robertson on bass, and George Lambert on drums. This disc contained almost all original blues and funk-filled songs. This eight-track album opens on “’69 Chevy.” It’s a fun, retro start that immediately makes it clear this band plays to a lot of live audiences. It harkens back to a simpler time of fast cars and fast women. “I’d Sing The Blues If I Had ‘Em” is a solid blues shuffle that focuses on a man who really enjoys blues music. Despite some of the troubles noted in the lyrics this song was written to chase the blues away. “Three Strikes” is the only cover cut of a Gordon Jennings composition. It’s a funk-tinged blues bit about someone who is facing serious time for his multiple crimes. Not to be confused with The Beatles 1964 classic, this “Slow Down” is built on a basic blues shuffle. It tells the tuneful tale of and older man trying to keep current and keep up with a younger woman at the same time. “Butter Me Up” is highlighted by the refreshingly feminine, smoky vocals of Jan Ingram. Obviously influenced by James Brown, this too has a touch of funk and concerns a woman whose man doesn’t treat her very well. “Patience” is not an adaptation of the Guns N’ Roses 1988 track, this one is essentially a 6/8, classic, slow blues number about a man who is in love with a woman who’s in no hurry. It’s a prerequisite perhaps but you can still feel it. Besides, how many songs do you know that reference Nancy Drew? No doubt a great bar number, “Poor Me, Poor Me, Pour Me Another Drink” rocks. This song about a guy who drinks too much then complains about it, is an early favorite of both critics and fans alike. The closing cut is “Money Ain’t My Friend” is incredibly apropos. It’s a live track about a guy who’s working hard to make it but can’t do enough for his lady’s tastes. It stands out not only because it was recorded live at the Soho Music Club and the band has that honest, unfiltered sound. Overall, it’s an apt ending to a compilation of cuts that a simple, basic approach can be undeniably fun and effective in pleasing a crowd. Furthermore, they remain true to the genres from the blues, funk, swing and rock music that serve as their influences. The official CD Release Party goes down on Sunday, July 30 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Uptown Lounge in Santa Barbara, California. If you’re too busy to make the party, make sure you “Slow Down” enough to check out Paradise Kings’ Controlled Burn as soon as you can. Image courtesy of original owner

Another nice review from The Blues Highway. Thanks guys!


I am beginning to believe that the new West Coast style of Blues, which resembles a bit of boogie and rock-a-billy, peppered with a little funk, may be the wave of the future. If nothing else the future looks bright! For instance there’s the Paradise Kings. They are all original and entertain.  When it comes to up-beat Blues, I’m sure “more” is in store, and you have to like that PK style!

They’re latest release, is called Controlled Burn. It is the kind of music that makes the seat of your pants itchy, as in you can’t sit still. It is eight tracks of sheer delight. The Paradise Kings are made up of Henry Garrett on lead vocals, Jeff Gring on Guitar, Michael Robertson on bass, and band spokesman George Lambert on drums.  Occasionally there is a lady who steps up to the microphone by the name of Jan Ingram… and she is a compliment to the rest of these fine, fine musicians/artists. I love their grit and thoroughly enjoy the music.

There are several tracks that jumped out at me. The opening to this recording is called “69 Chevy” it is one of my favorites… which is hard to say, because all of the tracks are great. I also found myself listening to “Butter Me Up” over and over again. I really like Jan Ingram’s vocals on this one, but again the guitar work is excellent, and it is such a funky tune while staying within eyesight of the Blues.  Another track that I really, thoroughly enjoyed was “Slow Down”. Like all of the previous tracks this is another one that gets your head bobbing up and down, and that’s a common thread throughout. Finally, I liked the last track “Money Ain’t My Friend” which is a very well-done live recording. I am not usually fond of live songs, but this one is excellent.

The Soul Man recommends these guys so go out to cyber space and download these tracks, here is a link to CD Baby, I highly recommend them all: Paradise Kings.

Here are the tracks in order: 1. ’69 Chevy • 2. I’d Sing the Blues (if I Had ’em) • 3. Three Strikes • 4. Slow Down • 5. Butter Me Up • 6. Patience • 7. Paradise Kings • 8. Money Ain’t My Friend (Live)

Another nice review of Controlled Burn by Don Crow of Nashville Blues Society. Thanks Don

Paradise Kings review…July 24, 2017….




Santa Barbara, CA, is not only a beautiful city in Southern California, it also features a vibrant live-music scene.  The Paradise Kings are a part of that club mix, and they have just released “Controlled Burn” to give fans a taste of what they are all about.  The set is predominantly highly-danceable blues-rock, and all the songs were written by drummer George Lambert, save for “Three Strikes,” penned by Gordon Jennings.  Along with George, Henry Garrett is lead vocalist, with Jeff Gring on guitar, Michael Robertson on bass, and Chris Ulep on keys.

These guys are known for their hi-octane live shows, and they bring that energy into Santa Barbara’s Orange Whip Studios for the first seven cuts.  They lead off with an extended, rockabilly-infused intro that gives way to a song about a man’s favorite car, that “69 Chevy!”  (We had one, and it’s still the best car we ever had!)  These guys have a wicked-cool sense of humor in their songs, too.  The story of a guy who always seems to end up on “Easy Street” is the man who says, “I’d Sing The Blues If I Had ‘Em,” set over a walking-beat groove.  “Slow Down” traces the pitfalls of an older guy trying to keep up with a young chick,  while “Patience” follows a similar theme, as our hero is always rarin’ to rock, but his lover’s “name is Patience,” and she sho’ nuff believes in taking her sweet time!

Our favorite closed the set.  We get a taste of what goes down at one of their live shows, this one courtesy of the good folks at the Soho Music Club in Santa Barbara.  The humorous story of a man stretchin’ himself waaay too thin to make a few bucks is “Money Ain’t My Friend,” and features a killer vocal from Henry, and two monster solos from Jeff.

Fans, the Paradise Kings play a mojo-filled brand of old-school blues with a modern feel, and deserve wider recognition.  Here’s hoping “Controlled Burn” will bring them that richly-deserved acclaim!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.


LA Music Critic writes:

Artist Name:  Paradise Kings

Album Name:  Controlled Burn

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Blues/Rockabilly

Track Listing:  1.  ’69 Chevy; 2.  I’d Sing the Blues if I had Em; 3.  Three Strikes; 4.  Slow Down; 5.  Butter me Up; 6.  Patience; 7.  Poor me, Poor me, Pour me Another Drink; 8.  Money Ain’t my Friend (live) 

Publicist:  Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

Review:  The album starts out with a rocking instrumental intro before launching into an incredible vocal that gets your toes to tapping before an uncontrollable urge to dance takes control of  your body.  You can fill the heavy influence of greats like Chuck Berry and BB King in the sound of Paradise Kings, and we think that this band has the potential to take the blues genre by storm.  Best tracks include “’69 Chevy,” “I’d Sing the Blues if I had Em,” “Slow Down” and “Butter me Up.”

Recommendation:  If you love great blues music, then you simply MUST Get this album.  It will be a valued addition to your musical library.


Paradise Kings Announce CD Release Party

Paradise Kings announce the big bash for their new CD Controlled Burn. It will be held outside on the patio of Santa Barbara’s Uptown Lounge, on Sunday, July 30 from 2-5pm. Come on out for some killer food, weather and rockin’ blues and hear us play all of the album, plus the cover tunes you know so well. We hope to see you there.

Paradise Kings Now On Spotify

Paradise Kings are now on Spotify! For all you Spotify fans out there, all you have to do is search Paradise Kings, and we pop right up. So go and listen to Controlled Burn on Spotify!

Get Controlled Burn real soon

Paradise Kings receive the physical disc of our new album, Controlled Burn. Digital distribution is underway. You’ll be able to Spotify us real soon!!!!

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